Thursday, February 24, 2011

Genesis: Chapter Four

Adam and Eve they had sexual relations
For at least one of God's commands they did give affirmation
Eve became pregnant and gave birth to a son
Life was born, here comes the fun!
They called him Cain
She said from out of my pain
With the help of the Lord God
I have given birth to a little sod
Later on with Cain still shorter than a table
She gave birth to another and called him Abel

Now Abel was a man who looked after the flocks
Cain worked the soil, toiling amongst the rocks
After a while Cain grabbed some random bits of fruit
Offered it to the Lord, like he held him in disrepute
Abel took fat portions from the first born of his flock
He gave the best; God was not someone he wanted to mock
So God looked at Abel and his offering with ardour
But to Cain and his offering he looked with dis-favour
So Cain was very angry, his face a black cloud
Covered in rage like a death shroud

So God spoke to Cain and was pretty frank
This after all was discipline, not a think-tank
Why are you so angry, your face so dark?
If you do what is right won't you hit my mark?
But if you don't do what I set as the benchmark
Sin will crouch at your door, like a great white shark
Wanting to control you, so the choice is pretty stark
Control it's bite is worse than its bark
If you don't do it, your life will have no spark
And you will end up in a place that is forever dark

Cain then said to his brother Abel, hey let's take a stroll
Over yonder there by that grassy knoll
While they were in the fields Cain achieved his goal
Attacked Abel killed him and threw him in a hole

So God said to Cain please tell me where is your brother Abel
I'm sure you can tell me, I'm sure you're able

Cain replied, Sorry God you know I'm a heavy sleeper 
What am I, am I my brother's keeper?

God didn't let Cain off the hook
In fact at him, he threw the whole book
Your brother's blood cries out from under the earth
To the place where you gave his body a berth
So you are under a curse, driven from this land
From which you murdered Abel with your own hand
You won't be able to grow a crop
Every time you try it will just flop
So you will roam the world a restless wandering soul
The rest of your life counting sin's toll

Cain was aghast
God, not so fast
This punishment I fear
Is so much more than I could ever bear
I'm driven from this land
Away from under your hand
I will wander the world like a restless flea
Whoever sees me they will surely kill me!

But God was pretty adamant
That he said is not the right sentiment
For whoever kills you, will suffer like leaven
Not merely like you but multiplied by seven
So God put a mark on Cain
So no one would kill him for gain
But rather just leave him in his shame and pain
So Cain departed from being under God's hand
Into Nod, east of Eden, he lived in this land.

Cain was with his wife and had sex with her
And she became pregnant we can concur
She had a baby and he was named Enoch
He was the new kid on the block
Cain was so excited, he built a city round the clock
And named it Enoch, after the first of his flock

Enoch then had a son, which was not too bad
He decided to name his little boy the name Irad
Irad became a dad as well
And named his son Mehujael
Mehujael became a dad, the family line he did not fail
He named his son Methushael
Methushael took to the parenting trek
Had a son, named him Lamech.

Lamech married two women, one was called Adah
The other wife, she was named Zillah.
Adah gave birth to a boy named Jabal
He was the father of those who lived in tents, and raised livestock, rather reminiscent of his descendant Abel
He had a brother Jubal was his name
The father of those who made music their game
Who played stringed instruments and pipes
Music in its original form, no gripes and no hype
Zillah also had a son Tubal-Cain was his name
Forging tools of bronze and iron was the name of his game
Tubal-Cain had a sister as well
Naamah was the name of this belle

Lamech gave a speech to his two wives
Listen to me with your whole lives
I killed a man who wounded me
He injured me don't you see
If Cain was to be avenged by God times seven
Then for me it will be times seventy seven

Adam had sexual relations with his wife once again
To try and replace Abel and his pain
She gave birth to a boy and called him Seth
God gave me a boy to replace Abel who Cain took to his death

Seth grew and in time had a son
Named him Enosh and so his family line begun

At that time people began to use well their words
They began to cry out and call upon the name of the Lord